Friday, 22 June 2012

Anatomy and movement

I am doing an on-line anatomy course at the moment.
It is very useful, I wish I had done this earlier. Knowing the insertions and origins of the muscles and exactly how it all connects and functions is essential for a figurative artist.
I am surrounded with anatomy books and I am looking forward to spending the following few weeks concentrating on drawing and learning anatomy.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I an enjoying charcoal drawing at the moment. This is my 3 year old son Daniel here. He loves watching the movie Madagascar every day! So I managed to get him to sit in aproximatly the same place long enough to draw him.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Unpopular Culture

I visited a great exhibition in Southampton City Gallery called Unpopular Culture.
Variety of great art works from the 1940-80s.

I found it very inspiring, particularly one Henry Moore piece and two very interesting photographers.

Bert Hardy is one of them. He is capturing such natural and expressive moments. For me his best works are all about emotion, passion and humanity.
Even the staged photographs look natural, as if the models are ordinary people captured in a real moment or great actors.

Tony Ray Jones is the other one, and I find him interesting for the same reason. His photographs are reflecting on the human in all of us. Sometimes it is embarrassment on somebody’s face or a situation where everyone has a different and very typical reaction as in the photo I am attaching here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Harbour Lights exhibition

I have an exhibition in a little gallery in Harbour Lights in Southampton.

That cinema and cafe have a wonderful atmosphere, I have always liked it. The films are normaly exelent, and there are deleicious cakes in the cafe.

It was all very stressful, I had very little time to finish everything. So there are some wet paintings hanging !

But it all came together in the end. We put the titles and prices up today as a final touch.

No time to slow down though because the next one - a joint one with my husband Ben who is a photographer, is coming up in December.

We didn't do a private view or anything like that for this one because we are planning to do that for the December ehxibition.

Wish me luck;)