Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Light and Shadow

Recently I am focusing on the light and shadow. It is back to the basics in fact.
The light and shadow create the shape. I am truing to increase the range of in between tones I use.
I just finished two still lives. Normally I paint urban landscapes and I have got a little tired of them at the moment. So this was very enjoyable and I could concentrate on the light.
The pond is also very recent, and also part of this light obsession. And its autumn out there it is full of colour.
I am looking at the yellow and red leaves when I walk out side, I may do something with that sometime.

I am painting a self portrait as well; it is time for self reflection again…
I think that the way I paint is evolving.

The portrait is not finished yet.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Mosty painting lately


I have an exhibition coming up in December, so I am painting a lot now!
Some of my work will be posted here..
The summer was long; we drove to Macedonia, stopping on the way in different places in Europe.

It was great fun. We just didn't have enough time to visit all the places we wanted because I had an exhibition booked in Skopje.
Here are some images from that exhibition..