Saturday, 26 May 2007


We had a rough cut crit yesterday.

roughcut for Little Louise from maja on Vimeo

It was very useful to get feedback from different people and to see how far everyone else has got. It's reassuring as I am working from home to see that it's not just me...

Our projects are so different and it is always fun to see them all together, it's always inspiring and I often get new ideas from them.

The voice over is great, I was very lucky to get the services of a professional voice actor who was perfect for the role. This is first time I have seen how the animation looks like with the voice assembled.

It still needs adjusting. I have more recorded voice and I think I will add some more.

The first scene lasts too long , the mayor is walking a bit too slow and I am not sure his pain shows enough. I think I should cut it earlier.

Also when he is in the corner I plan to pan to a close up on his face.

Some of the later scenes that are not animated yet will last longer and have voice over.

Music is missing now. I didn't have exact timing so far and the musician couldn't finish the music. I hope that will happen faster now as it will take the project to a whole new level. I can't wait for this as the composer studied at the Royal College of Music and I really like her work.

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