Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Gannt Chart (yuck)

Gannt charts are not my first love (or close), but I find them an essential evil. Those who don't know project management are forgiven fo rnot knowing Gannt charts, there are just another name for a production schedule. I see them as just some of the boring administraton that is so important in any project.My animation schedule is going to be very hard for me and as there is a lot involved and a close deadline I cannot afford to get stuck trying to achieve perfection in any one scene. Each element has to have a 'window of oppurtunity', after that it's finished and onto the next scene. All my backgrounds and textures come at the end as does the final assembly. I am hoping to get ahead of schedule so I can buy myself some time for extra polishing, but really I'll be glad to just hit each stage as planned.

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