Saturday, 28 April 2007

Animatic Crit

Yesterday we had our animatic crit.
Here is my animatic.

At first i was planning to start with the mayor writing the letter in which he admits to the crime. Then as he writes we see what happened. Here is that version of the animatic.

But i cahnged my mind and the next version starts with the mayor beeing haunted by the girl's ghost, remebers the day of the crime, unable to cope with it he decides to set a trap for himself and writes the letter.

If anyone has any opinion on the animatic please tell me, I appreciate different opinions.

I am still working on the text to be added to the animatic.

I have just started communicating with an excellent composer. She likes the project and I love her work. I think it is dark and passionate.

Now I am working on the characters in Maya, in particularly the mayor.
I am also looking for an actor for the voice over.

This is a drawing of the tortured mayor, and above is also the mayor in his room peeking through the window knowing that the ghost will appear.

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