Thursday, 5 April 2007

My Background

My past is in fine art ; drawing, painting and making exhibitions, but even my paintings are dealing with movement. I paint outside mostly cityscapes, movements of people and lights at night.

I don't have much time to paint at this exact time because of my studies but I will paint again over the summer.

For the more than 10 years now I have slowly been spending more time working in digital art, mostly 2D and 3D although I have tried a little video and photography as well I prefer digital animation. In 3D I began working with 3DS Max but quickly moved to Maya as I was told that it would produce what I wanted.

My main employment remained as an oil painter, although I undertook various 3D commissions as well, such as book covers and TV adverts. I made the decision to study in the UK in 2003, a masters degree in Interactive Media, my degree having been in Fine Art this would be a new direction. So I moved from my home in beautiful Paris to my unknown future in Southampton.

Little did I know that as well as meeting a lot of very inspiring people I would also meet my husband a lecturer and photographer. My main work here was my

Since finishing my MA I have been balancing a variety of different roles, University Lecturer, Web Designer, Artist, the list goes on. Life has been very kind to me, my University work keeps me thinking and exploring, web design pays my bills and art keeps my sane and pays for my holidays.

Now I felt that I need some training in animation, everything to date had been self taught and I knew there were gaps. After some research Saint Martin's seemed to be the winner so here I am and it's been very worthwhile so far!

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